Emergency Response

Hurricane Irma Battering Florida with High Winds, Storm Surge. Direct Relief Ready to Respond.

Hurricane Irma swept ashore in Florida Sunday morning, making landfall in the Florida Keys with powerful winds and significant storm surges. The […]

Who’s Most Vulnerable to Hurricane Irma? Those Vulnerable the Day Before

Hurricane Irma, the Category 4 hurricane moving at high speeds towards Florida, won’t affect all communities in the same way. The impact of […]

Direct Relief Staff Bound for Oaxaca, Mexico, in Wake of Devastating Earthquake

On Thursday, Sept. 7, the Mexico City-based team of Direct Relief was busy preparing for Hurricane Katia—the category 3 hurricane expected to […]

Massive Earthquake Jolts Mexico; Direct Relief Responding

The map displays the earthquake's potential impact and Direct Relief's reach in the country. (Andrew Schroeder / Direct Relief)

A massive 8.1 earthquake reverberated through Mexico Thursday night, the strongest in a century. At least 58 people have been killed as a […]

Hurricane Irma Blasts Through Caribbean, Leaving Destruction in Wake as Florida Braces for Landfall

Hurricane Irma churned a violent path through the Caribbean this week, decimating several island nations in its path, causing extreme damage. Seven […]

As Hurricane Irma Approaches, Life-saving Medicine Staged Across Florida, Caribbean

As Hurricane Irma advances, Direct Relief is communicating with the Florida Association of Community Health Centers, as well as the Asociacion de […]