Emergency Response

Hurricane Harvey: Who’s Most at Risk?

Hurricane Harvey, the Category 4 hurricane moving at high speeds towards the Texas Coast, won’t affect all communities in the same way. The […]

Gulf Coast Braces for Hurricane Harvey. Direct Relief Ready to Respond.

A Category 4 hurricane gathering strength in the Gulf of Mexico is expected to make landfall on the Texas coast on Friday, and Direct […]

Direct Relief Partners with Nepal’s Ministry of Health in Response to Deadly Flooding

Days of relentless rains, which began on Aug.11, 2017, have caused extensive flooding and deadly landslides throughout southern Nepal. The rains are […]

Cholera in Yemen on Track to Kill More People Than Ebola Did in Guinea

  A cholera epidemic is exploding in war-torn Yemen. At its current pace this easily treatable disease could soon kill more people […]

Direct Relief Responding to Sierra Leone in Wake of Deadly Flooding

Several hundred people are reported dead with many more missing after a devastating series of mudslides and floods ripped through communities in and […]

After the Quake, the Gift of Sight

During the course of the three-day medical mission in Bahrabise, Nepal, the CHEERS team provided free medical treatment to over 2,000 Nepalis, with […]