Emergency Preparedness Programs

Direct Relief places a high priority on emergency preparedness, because communities that are prepared to face an event fare better than those that aren’t. Based on years of experience responding to large-scale emergencies worldwide, Direct Relief has developed programs that help address the needs of vulnerable communities before disaster strikes.

See all of Direct Relief’s current Emergency Response Efforts.

Hurricane Preparedness Program

Since 2007, Direct Relief has equipped partner healthcare facilities in areas vulnerable to hurricanes with emergency medical materials. Informed by the response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Hurricane Preparedness Program began in the U.S. Gulf States and has expanded each year to include nine states in the U.S. as well as seven countries in the Caribbean. These materials are delivered before hurricane season starts in June each year, and if not needed for emergency response, are absorbed into regular inventory for patient care. Learn More.

Medical Reserve Corp (MRC) Program

In the U.S., Direct Relief is equipping MRC volunteers with the material they need to provide medical care anywhere during an emergency. These “grab-and-go” packs contain products, supplies, and medicines these trained healthcare workers need to respond to emergency situations in their communities, wherever they are needed. Learn More.