Ebola Outbreak: Direct Relief Responds in West Africa


West Africa Ebola Outbreak 2014-2015

Update: Last month, Direct Relief equipped Dr. John Fankhauser with provisions of Ebola-specific medical supplies in preparation for his return to the frontlines of the outbreak. Since then, the deadly virus has spread, taking its toll on upwards of 1,200 people across West Africa.

Among the patients are several of the very doctors and nurses who — in immense displays of courage and commitment – are working tirelessly to contain the epidemic, despite the risk.    

Today, we were sad to learn that Dr. Kent Brantly, 33, a colleague of Dr. John Fankhauser at Monrovia-based ELWA Hospital, is one such person.

Our thoughts are with Dr. Brantley, his family, as well as each health worker bravely fighting the virus’ spread, and our focus is on getting them the protective gear they need to care for their patients safely.

*Post updated July 29, 2014


As an Ebola outbreak spreads across West Africa, with 300 lives claimed since February, Direct Relief is working to ensure medical responders on the ground have the medicines and supplies they need to contain the epidemic.

This week, following an April delivery of face shields to protect hospital staff from exposure, Direct Relief equipped Dr. John Fankhauser with more than $50,000 in specifically-requested medical resources for his return to Monrovia, Liberia.

Ebola is an infectious and often fatal disease that results in fever and severe internal bleeding. There are no medications effective in curing the virus, but supportive hospital care can significantly increase survival.

Direct Relief will continue to support local providers who are working to care for those suffering from Ebola.

(The original post was published on June 25, 2014)

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