Games Against Ebola: Developers for Direct Relief



There are countless ways to make a difference, as nine game development teams from around the world demonstrated this past week. Over a 96-hour marathon that concluded on Nov. 30,  they volunteered to make games as a means to raise money for the fight to stop Ebola.

Games Against Ebola

These generous developers included Grapefrukt, Ludocity, Glitchnap, SLMN, Coffee Stain, and developers from Mojang such as TheMogMiner and Kris Jelbring.

Games Against Ebola 2

People were asked to donate an amount of their choice in exchange for all of the games created during the event. 100% of proceeds will benefit Direct Relief’s work to stop Ebola. A big thanks to all the developers, the Humble Bundle community, and everyone who purchased one of the bundles.

If you have a cool fundraising idea, be sure to let us know. Email our team at or leave a comment below.

Giving is Good Medicine

You don't have to donate. That's why it's so extraordinary if you do.